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Stephen and Tracey Fawcett are Co-Producers and Co-Directors. Te Puke Film was founded by Tracey and Steve under the banner of Vector Group Charitable Trust. Tracey and Steve’s passion for film is evident in their day to day lives as they continue to be creatively invested with youth from the Te Puke Region.

It all began as an idea, as most things do. Some whack epiphany prior to 2009, lots of loitering and a heck of a lot of talking haha. It has been years and years of brainstorming, discussions, and planning. Steve and Tracey finally got off their buts and launched through Vector Group Charitable Trust’s initiative, Te Puke Film.

Te Puke film was launched at 4pm on the 11th of August 2017 where we ran an introductory event with Anton Steel [BOP Film]. Anton shared his story with some Te Puke youth and thus began our official journey.

Stephen Fawcett


Tracey Fawcett